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(Archived) Suggestion: introduce simple paragraph styles

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I would find it extremely useful if Evernote would support customizable paragraph styles.

Currently,I manually make some text bold/underlined/red to make them appear as for example headings.

This is very clumsy.

I would be more productive if I could just tap a keyboard shortcut to make a paragraph have a specific layout.

I would propose to:

  • [*:uoqea8f5]provide a number of standard paragraph styles (like the current bullet list, numbered list, default text, ... and adding obvious ones like Heading 1, Heading 2, etc.)
    [*:uoqea8f5]allow to customize some simple settings of these styles, namely:
    font, appearance (bold, italic, underlined), alignment (left, center, right), color, and pre and post-paragraph spacing.
    [*:uoqea8f5]allow the user to assign custom keyboard shortcuts to these paragraph styles
    [*:uoqea8f5]allow to user to create new styles

(I specifically mentioned pre- and post-paragraph spacing, because I find the spacing of the bulleted lists to small, and I am constantly introducing shift-enters after each item)

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You do not need to bump topics; all posts are read by Evernote staff. This topic has been suggested before; you can search the forum to find previous mentions.

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