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Deleted Notebooks

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Deleted notebooks should go to trash or be restorable.  I know there is a clear warning before deleting the notebook but still it's possible to delete it (when you think you have selected the note, not the notebook) so there must be a way to retrieve the notes in it. 

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I've been using evernotes to take my notes for math. I went to go print them out, since i have a final next week and they were all deleted. I did not deleted by accident or anything like that. I used one continuous note for my math notes. any help will be greatly appreciated 

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Have you already checked in the trash for your missing note(s) ?

This is the first place to check, independent from whether you remember deleting something or not.

In general having one large note with a lot of text can create problems. Once recovered better split the one large note into several smaller ones.

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