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Newbie requesting help


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     I am new to the Evernote world. I have the Evernote Scansnap evernote edition and have been searching all over the forum and knowledge base, but the overwhelming amount of material makes it very hard to find the answer to one simple question.


I have stacks of documents that I woukld like to just put in the scanner document feeder at one time and have them scanned in so that later I can leisurely go through all the documents and assign them to different notebooks or tag them with diff tags. When I scan them in Evernote puts them all in one document.


How do I scan in a stack of papers so that each paper is in a different PDF?


I would appreciate any help





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On 9/3/2018 at 4:52 AM, jjsmd said:

When I scan them in Evernote puts them all in one document.

General definition, selecting PDF output means all pages will be combined in one document
Selecting image output means all pages will be in separate documents

Point of correction: Evernote stores whatever the scanner generates.  It's your scanner generating the pdf file.

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Hi.  I don't have the Evernote ScanSnap with added bells and whistles so this is just recollection on my part - I believe that the scanner recognises different documents when the format or paper size changes.  I remember seeing a tip that to generate separate files it would be necessary to add a smaller piece of paper between batches of pages.  That's not possible for single-page scans,  so you'd have to set the scanner to one page = one PDF for single pages,  and then one document = one PDF for the rest,  with the stack separated by A5 sheets to signal the document end.  Seems to me you'd also wind up with a lot of small PDF files,  but they could be sorted out by file size. 

You could certainly try that - I know there are others around here with that scanner:  maybe someone else can give you practical suggestions!

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