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Fix plaintext, line breaks

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I (try to) use EN as a distraction-free text editor.

problem is, when i copy-paste the text to <anywhere_else> there are extra line breaks added.

I click format > plain text but note still shows options for fonts, sizes, styles, which means it's not plain text.

copy-paste to anywhere else, still get 2-for-the-price-of-1 line breaks, eg an extra line break for every one i entered in EN.

I've been a pro paid user for YEARS,


Evernote, any chance you can provide something as simple as a PLAINTEXT note ?




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FTR got the following answer from support for my ticket #2822847:




Please know that we're aware of the issue and we're planning to release a fix on a future version.

Here's a workaround for this issue: Paste into TextEdit first, copy again in TextEdit, then paste into your destination app.



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