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Random copy-syncs



Hello everyone!

I don't know if it's a well-known issue, and if it has already been solved, but I'm asking for communities help here.
Couple of months ago EN started to pull off that inconvinient bug, when either two of my notes swap thier content, or when one just copies another, erasing all it's info.
I started losing a lot of information as a result of this.

Please, help me out, if you can, to stop this from happening and to figure out how to revert the changes that bug resulted in (as support doesn't seem to be working).

Thanks in advance!

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Hi.  I use Note History for occasional past versions of notes,  though I don't know whether it would help here.  I also keep a series of local backups of my database contents,  because it's my data,  and occasionally bad things do happen.  If you have a system backup or a database backup,  that might be your best chance...

(It's possible to upgrade for a month or so to check out Note History)

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Hello! Thank you for advice, gazumped.

Yes, I know about the possibility of opening up the Note History, but it's only in Premium, which I don't have. The trial period has already passed.
I also do have backups of my data, but the note gets updated during the day, so I can't save it every time.

The problem still does not go away. Information from one note somehow gets copied into another, and all information from this second one is lost. Maybe I can do something to prevent it, if not fix this after it happens?

I can't directly reach tech support, so I'm writing here in hope for a solution. I love EN, but if I won't be able to fix this I might move to another platform.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. attaching case - notes "July 2018" (<- info lost here) and "September 2018" swapped information at 1:16 UTC+3 , by my note history. Log doesn't quite show this, as I understand.


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Are you familiar with the Ctrl-Help menu?  There are are few items in there that might help, like "Fix Selected Notes" and "Fix all notes".  Of the two, I have found "Fix Selected Notes" the most helpful, to the point that rather than running "Fix all notes", I select all notes and run "Fix Selected Notes".  Somehow it seems more intensive in whatever it does.

However, it is my understanding that doing this may cause you to lose your most recent non synced content, which is why I keep the 'Sync' column visible in my Note list, just in case.

Caveat: Ctrl-Help is supposed to be used under the guidance of EN support, but anyway, you have the option to try.

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