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Business card function International Phone Numbers issue

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It would be very useful when using the biz card function in IOS that the phone number entered automatically would be listed with +country code first. 

Should be a no brainer with cities etal listed as address, therefore making +country code very simple.

Note, many of us work international and it would be very helpful, avoiding having to re-enter phone info. 

*as a side note, the biz card function can use lots of improvement................ lots.......... 

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+1 and even in the US if i have contacts in several countries?? All phone numbers are formatted as US numbers. Even adding country code, +44 for example, the number after that is still formatted as a US number. This seems unbelievable... Every other contact management app gets this right

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Encountered the same issue: cannot change country of phone numbers in Evernote business cards. It looks like Evernote business cards assume that there only USA phone numbers. Makes the business card feature useless.

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On 3/29/2021 at 2:10 AM, anon007 said:

…. This seems unbelievable... Every other contact management app gets this right

BlaBlaBla - I use a specialized App to scan business cards. To get proper results I need to select the country first.

It is not only the phone numbers. The zip code system is different, the way how an address is written differs, even naming conventions are not the same.

EN does a basic scan, that is it. For occasional use it is fine. If you need a professional result, get a specified app.

My opinion - you are free to feel different: In this case issue a support ticket.

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