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pictures not visible - only blue square

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On August 9th I added several new notes to my general notebook, the text is visible but the pictures are only rendered with a blue square+question mark in it.

This is happening on my iPhone and on my Mac.

First I could see the pictures in the sidebar on my Iphone, but with the update of the app, this sidebar disappeared.

I really need these pictures for my job... urgently....

Thanks for any feedback that could solve this issue!

PS: in the meantime I have uploaded other pictures the same way as I did on August 9th and that works great.


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20 hours ago, Kathsnotes said:

I really need these pictures for my job... urgently....

I don't know what's happened to your pictures but your note versions are backed up with Note History.
You can retrieve previous versions  https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313858-How-to-view-previous-versions-of-a-note

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