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Undo last edit after leaving text/label field

Don Dz


We know that if you move away from anything you were editing to click elsewhere, this automatically disables Undo.

But it has previously been discussed how easy it is to accidentally alter or delete things in Evernote, and editing protection has been requested, like in Android and iOS.  This likely might never be implemented in Windows.

Instead, I am requesting that Ctrl-Z still work after you move away from any text or label field, even if you go to another note.

To be clear, I am not asking for the "Premium Members Only" note history (never tried it, but I suspect that remembers only the saved changes), I am only asking to be able to Undo the very last delete or edit before you moved away from the note or text field, title, tag or notebook label. 


If you agree with this request, don't forget to vote above left.



This was inspired by a similar recent request, but I feel that request was too broad, my request is more narrow in scope.

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