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I don't give a stuff about the elephant, I want a spellchecker



Oh for goodness sake.  You're navel-gazing about the shape of an elephant's ear in your logo but you can't be arsed to fix something truly useful - like a proper spell checker.

I truly couldn't give a monkey's left ***** about your elephant logo but I curse the absence of a proper F7 spellchecker every time I use what is becoming an abomination of a programme.

PLEASE - get off your backsides and make this change.  EVERYONE wants it

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4 minutes ago, gazumped said:

Hi.  I though windows users had a spell checker..  did I miss something?

F7 and some aberrant behavior in the current release.  I have some misspelled words that only acquire the squiggles when I click on the word or the line the word is in.  I sort of assumed misspelled words would have squiggles when the note becomes focus.

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