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Numbered lists in text editor: Harvard style



I saw this post on Quora and I agree with it wholeheartedly:


I'm not sure why Evernote, as mature as it is, still cannot employ outlining as in 1), a), i). It would greatly simplify my workflow if I could take notes using Evernote, but my preferred method of note-taking is outlining, and Evernote's 1) 1) 1) numbered-list structure just isn't up to snuff.

I would ditch OneNote (I get a free Office 365 subscription through my work) and do all my work in Evernote if this one thing was fixed. Here's an example of how Evernote outlines:

  1. First point
    1. A sub-point of point 1
      1. Text
      2. Text
    2. Another subpoint
  2. Second point. 
    1. A sub-point of point 2

Attached is a picture of how OneNote and many other text editors do this.

Please fix this, or at least make it an option. Thanks.


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