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Upgrading Evernote from basic to business in India

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OK - we're a (mainly) user-supported forum here,  and for some reason they don't let us anywhere near the payment systems.  Plus it's a public forum,  so not good for sharing payment information.  I'll flag your post for an Admin (an Evernote employee) to have a look at,  but to get some specific help on your account you need to raise a support ticket.  You can do that on https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new, (use the title "payment issue") or https://twitter.com/evernotehelps if that link won't work for you.  Post your ticket number here when you get one,  so that the team can tie them together...

See this post for more...



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11 hours ago, Aithein Healing India said:

Can anyone suggest me how I publish my notes

Hi and welcome to the Forums.  The most convenient way to publish your notes is probably the Evernote-linked blogging platform Postach.io

It is possible to publicly share a notebook,  and make the content available through Tables of Content linking to individual pages - the general effect is an Evernote 'website',  but that involves a great deal of behind the scenes administration work.  It may be more practical to start with Postach.io and develop a more involved presentation based on real world experience.

Notes can also be used as drafts for content created for Wordpress or other websites.

11 hours ago, Aithein Healing India said:

what should I do to index my profile or posts in Google or other search engines

Evernote's default note storage is not normally visible to search engines. Content would have to be promoted in other forums,  by advertising,  on social media etc.  Google preference comes (amongst many other factors) from the 'popularity' of a site,  measured by the number of other websites which link into it and the amount of traffic it receives.  It's possible to build such popularity by carrying clearly worded and popular content suitable for your intended audience. 

There's a lot of supporting information online - an internet search for 'Search Engine Optimisation' generates a large number of results... 

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