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Widget: tapping "Show Less" should show only the BUTTONS! [**especially** if "Show Notes in Widget" is turned off!] ?



PLEASE make "Show Less" on the widget show ONLY the buttons, not the most recent preview.

This is ESPECIALLY important if "Show Notes in Widget" is turned off: currently tapping "Show Less" takes away the buttons [actually useful], leaving  ONLY the message "Recently viewed notes will appear here"--which is INCORRECT because notes will NOT appear since" Show Notes in Widget" is turned off! :P

(So in fact, it should NOT say "Recently viewed notes will appear here" if "Show Notes in Widget" is turned off!)

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This is a very good suggestion. If implemented, the widget could be used as a "quickly add something to evernote" without taking so much space.

I personally do not use the widget because I only find the buttons useful and to see them recent notes must be shown as well, taking lots of space.

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