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(Archived) Document Version Control

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Is there a way to save changes to an existing document within evernote automatically? For example will evernote link back to the original pdf source on my mac and when the doc is updated, automatically update in evernote so I don't have to re-save/tag it in evernote?

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I know the Windows client does not "sync" between the document in EN (it stores it's own copy) and the original, if you leave it on your hard drive. I'm pretty sure the Mac version is the same. If you're going to put it in EN, just change the copy in EN & delete the original from your hard drive or archive it.

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You can double-click on the document to open it from within Evernote and edit it directly on your Mac or Windows client. If you Save, the changes go back into that note on Evernote.

Evernote keeps its own data once you make a note, so if you remove the original files, your notes will continue to work for years. I.e. there's no connection to external documents.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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