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Chkd W-forum today, did not see post.

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Posted this topic on the Windows Forum 8-27-18: 

"Syncing problem caused more havoc, need help"

Chkd W-forum today, did not see post. I found it by searching but it did not indicate which forum the post was on??

Will some one please direct me to an area where I can get a shortlist of the forum’s & EN operating procedures & the process there of.

The help I need is simple & basic to EN:

I use EN in 2 W7 Pro PC’s, a desktop & a laptop custom assembled for my usage with RN & the combo worked fine until EN WOULD NOT UPDATE each other.
The EN versions i was using Below:
770564389_endsktop.jpg.8b7beff23728aa9486586234ee3013ac.jpg    538475093_enlaptop.jpg.09c94c92c6e495402aa20e12303a5638.jpg

Below is the working screenshot I use & need for the work I do.

What do need to do to attain this cofiguration?



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If this is a Windows problem, then it belongs in the Windows forum. I'll move it there. Please don't post the same issue all around the forums; once is enough, and if someone has an answer, then they'll do so when they can. If someone does answer you, then you'll get a forum notification. I'm guessing that you're referring to this post: 


A list of forums is available on the main forum page: https://discussion.evernote.com/. A post's location in the forums is given up near the top of the page, just above the topic title (unfortunately is's very light gray on white, so hard to see)

You can see your own post history by clicking on your user name at the top-right hand side of the forum, and selecting "Profile"

I'm guessing that you need to update your version of Evernote. See this topic: 


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