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Trying to share Notes and Notebook with error: "You can't add your own user or email to chat"



Hi!  Firstly, I'm loving the new look, congrats on the updated branding and cool stuff.

I've spent the last couple of days immersed in Evernote tips and tricks even though I've been a member and big user since 2012, I've enjoyed adding some new tips to the way I do things in my daily use of Evernote.  Thank you for continuing to provide quality resources :)

On to my techie issue... I've been trying to share a notebook with someone using all methods of sharing (Work Chat and right clicking on the notebook itself or using "Share"); also using my desktop client on my Mac and via the browser. However I keep getting an error message that I can't use my own email address.  Which baffled me for a while because it was someone else's email address (a friend of mine).  

After digging around in my Settings, I noticed that I had a list of email addresses associated with my Evernote account (old ones, a work one and this friend's email address as well - I have no idea how or why I added it there!).  I deleted all of the emails except for my main account email.  

I've waited 24 hours for the change to take effect, closed and reopened and even restarted my laptop. I've then tried again to send a notebook or note via Work Chat or right-clicking and sending to that email address again.  

I'm still getting the same error message and Evernote thinks I'm trying to share or use an email address that is my own:

"You can't add your own user or email to chat" - and it sits in the chat window as "Pending" and identifies the person I've sent to as "You" (me) - even though the email address is no longer in the list in my Settings.

Similarly, if I go to the browser version of Evernote and share note, I get this pop up. I can see who the note is already shared with and it shows me (my actual account email) and the person I'm trying to share with, the status of pending. But immediately after I receive the same error message again "You can't add your own user or email to chat".

How can I reset my account so that it no longer recognises that email address as one I had in my Settings list? 




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