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Paid for premium, can't sync on Note 9

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So I signed in on my new Note 9 today after I had paid for Evernote Premium on my old S7 which should enable all devices right? No such luck. Not only is the sync not doing anything but when I go to the upgrade screen, it won't allow me to pay as it knows I already do! Ahh what do I do? Have already signed out/back in, uninstalled/reinstalled, restarted device etc 

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Hi, and welcome to the forums! I wonder whether you may have signed in somewhere with a different email address, effectively creating a second account by accident. I note that your posting here shows you as having a Basic account, whereas you have paid for Premium. That would also explain why the app wouldn't sync your notes; in the new, accidental account, there wouldn't be any. But it would not explain why the app knows you're already on Premium. Bottom line, check everywhere, both Android app and Evernote on the Web, to be sure you're using the original account credentials.

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Hi Dave, thanks for your help! That was exactly the issue and has now been resolved! It was literally that I had used my email as .googlemail when I set up Evernote originally and have since changed the same email to .gmail which obviously confused Evernote.

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