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Note titles are randomly (& inconsistently) truncated on iOS

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I've all-but stopped reporting Evernote bugs, because it seems like the developers are apathetic about fixing them (and have been for years). But this bug is a showstopper, so I'm going to try…

On iOS, the titles of certain, "random" notes are truncated in a way that the titles of other notes are NOT truncated.

Please see the attached screenshot:

The first note (green box) has a long title which wraps to a second line for readability. (That's good!) But the second note (red box) has a title that's actually shorter than the first note, yet its title is inexplicably truncated, omitting the last two words. In this note, instead of wrapping the title to a second line (like the title in the green box), this title is just truncated with NO wrapping to the second line at all.

I have literally hundreds of notes with truncated titles, while other notes' titles effortlessly wrap to a 2nd line. Why do some titles wrap, while others are truncated, preventing us from seeing the full title?


I have many, many notes whose titles I've appended with bullets, like so:

The Absolute Greatest Note Ever  

That Company's Whiz-Bang Doohickey #7  


I use the bullets to draw attention to certain notes among a list of many. But due to this bug, the titles of MANY of those bulleted notes are truncated, such that the bullets aren't displayed at all. So, the above examples become this:

The Absolute Greatest

That Company's


HUNDREDS of my note titles are truncated in this way, making them unreadable. (By the way, this also occurs in Evernote for Mac, although to a lesser extent. On macOS, fewer notes' titles are truncated—and not necessarily the same ones that are truncated on iOS.) 

Is anybody at Evernote paying attention? Do you use the product? If so, I'd think you'd have seen this. Is there any chance of you fixing this?



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46 minutes ago, soundsgoodtome said:

On iOS, the titles of certain, "random" notes are truncated in a way that the titles of other notes are NOT truncated.

To clarify, are these titles being actually truncated or is this a display issue?

If you view the note  in expanded mode you should be able to see the full note title0DF21960-66BB-4F9B-AF03-DE1D9DA43C63.jpeg.8886f65b6307b06fd665ec0fcd7a2400.jpeg

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34 minutes ago, DTLow said:

To clarify, are these titles being actually truncated or is this a display issue?

The way I see it, the answer to both of your questions is "yes." The titles are being truncated and it's a display issue. But I suspect you're actually asking a different question. ? 

If you're asking if Evernote is removing words and characters from my titles, the answer is "no." But if I can't see the words that are there, the practical result is effectively the same as removing them, because they're invisible.


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My comment describes what I see on my iPad: 

In the EN App titles and note content in the left column appear inconsistently from each other. Some show just the title, one line, some title in 2 lines, some with smaller characters as well some content. Alongside goes a minipicture of the pdf contained (if any).

To me it seems that notes with 2 header lines plus text were created via E-Mail, those with just one came from the iPad share-to-EN from a print-to-pdf document. I assume the view in the left column depends on how legible the note was to EN when created. Probably it shows a presaved content to avoid loading all of the note when browsing. 

In no case anything was truncated (= is missing) from the original note. In the main window to the right everything is there, same on the windows client.

If this was created to reduce the data volume moved while using the app, I would accept it as a feature, not a bug.

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On 3/7/2019 at 3:27 PM, soundsgoodtome said:

It's been seven months since I first reported this issue. Still no fix.

YES! I am also having this issue!! I mostly notice it on iPad, but then again this is where I mostly use Evernote.

These are the kind of annoyances that makes it very difficult for me to recommend Evernote to anybody. Why does it take so long to fix these things?

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