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Syncing problem caused more havoc, need help



      Syncing problem caused more havoc, need help

W7 Pro 32 bit on a custom laptop & custom PC with identical programs & file structures.

All this started over the weekend. Tried to sync EN on laptop, got (red triangle!) error.
Tried syncing several times to no avail.  Checked Desktop to see if EN there synced, it didn’t.   Shut everything down, got cup of coffee, drank coffee, read WSJ, then tried again to no avail.

Been an EN user since 2009, currently have a paid version, several yr, don't know details.

I'm ret busn mgr, have no teams, no need to do work for any co. big or small. Use EN for wealth, health, political, tech busn research so my wife &  I can survive.

Been on the net for approx 30 yrs, used PCs since early 80's, mostly DOS & Win up to W7.  Early 80's, conceived, designed set-up mini system for F 500 textile co who wanted to get into the catalog/direct mkt business.  Later added POS system for regional retail stores, then tied system in to nationwide dept store chains so they could allow their customers access to ALL our Bed & Bath fashions. Proposed data lifestyle enhancement & data mining to upper mgmt but was turned down, didn't understand it. 

Where I stand now:

Below is an image of the operational header I use on both pcs and would like to keep it as allows me to work fast, efficiently for the research work I do.
EN on PC:;  laptop: (since removed). 

Uninstalled EN from my Laptop. Installed EN was supposed to fix syncing problem but it didn't- lost main EXB,  but I copied it off before I started syncing trouble shooting.  Tried using the web version but the interface is catawampus.  As long as I can get to that menu layout & sync I will be fine. 

Can/will you guys give me some advice as to what versions & what I have to do so I can maintain the below menu & syncing. I may be out for a day visiting grand-kids but will respond as soon as I get back, sometime Monday.

W7 Pro 32 bit on a custom laptop & custom PC with identical programs & file structures.




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