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I'm running Mac High Sierra 10.13.4 and EN 7.4. 

Here's my issue.  When I go to FILE>AUDIO NOTE and record a note, the counter is incrementing, indicating I am recording, but the audio input bar indicates no sound is being recorded. And, sure enough, when I go to play it back, I hear NO audio.

However, if I activate my AirPods and follow the same procedure, I get a recording. What gives? Must I make some other adjustment to get EN to recognize my system microphone?

Thanks in advance,


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Can't comment on the hardware,  but I generally use other applications to record sound,  and attach MP3 files to my Evernotes.  They're available anywhere,  and external apps give me better quality control on the recording and playback,  and leave Evernote completely free for additional notes or research without affecting the sound.

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