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(Archived) Sharing Notebooks

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Hello. I have a premium account and to test the sharing functionality, shared a notebook with a free account I own attached to my gmail. When I click the link I received via email, it says that the shared notebook is assigned to another account. But, if I am signed in with my premier login (the account from which I shared a notebook), I am able to view the notebook. However, loggin in with my free account, I am unable to view anything.

What's the deal? How can another Evernote account view a notebook that is shared with him/her? If someone who receives a shared notebook is also an evernote user, will this shared notebook show up on their main evernote screen upon login?

Thank you very much for your help

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By web client, do you mean a web browser? I click the link in my gmail which takes me to an IE browser page with the error that the shared notebook is assigned to someone else?

Can you also tell me what "linking shared notebooks to accounts" means? Unclear what this does. Thank you

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BurgersNFries - you always amaze me with your ability to pull solutions up from other posts on this forum.

I find the search to be very, very weak because you can only search for individual words. If I try to search for Notes With Missing Tags, I will get buried with stuff for each word and many of them are not related to the overall phrase. The forum does not support "phrase searching" using quotes.

What is your secret?

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Ummm.... I dunno. :D But thank you! That link came from this post:


In this case, I did advanced search, author was Engberg, search words of: shared notebook. If I'm looking for something pertaining to a particular EN client, I'll select that section, as well. I then check the subject lines to see if anything really stands out & hit those first. A post from that thread was the first one on page 2.

The search can be misleading if the author didn't use the words in their post but it was in a previous post they are quoting. IE, if I search for posts by Jefito containing the words sadly, manual, pdf - I get the following.


Jefito didn't use those words in his reply but they were in his quote. Still, I prefer to quote what I'm referring to b/c I think it often keeps things straight. Especially if someone else is posting while you are & their post ends up between the yours & the one you are responding to.

[/thread hijack]

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