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PDF Inline Attachment User Experience

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I had a frustrating experience attaching a large PDF, where it defaulted to inline and moved my viewport of the note away from the area I was looking at beforehand; it wasn't immediately clear how to shrink the enormous PDF down to an 'attachment'. I scrolled (slowly) to the bottom and the top, clicked each icon at the top of the PDF (because tooltips weren't instantly visible on hover, I assumed there were no tooltips), without success. I then right clicked but failed to see 'View as attachment', probably in anger. At that point I threw my computer at the TV; no, not really.

It's also worth noting that the inline large PDF made the user interface slow, which further added to the negative experience. I probably have higher performance expectations than the electron-app generation, though.

Ultimately I discovered the 'View as attachment' in the right click menu, and also the default setting in preferences. However, I can't help but feel that a better experience would be to include an obvious icon to shrink it, which would have to see more common usage than the save as, quick look or annotate buttons combined. Additionally, I can't imagine why anyone would want to include large PDF's in-line as part of a larger note including other content, so surely it would be sensible not to inline PDF's larger than X pages by default.

This occurred on the mac version, however, I believe it is also relevant to the Windows version, maybe others.

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