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Updates and Disappearing shortcut for Evernote Helper icon in Mac Header

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Hello.  Recently I looked for my Evernote Helper icon in Mac Header.  (Not the web-clipper in Safari).  The Evernote Helper clipper is my shortcut for gathering screenshots on the web and sending them as a group to my Evernote notebooks.  Often I leave an array of clips open for quite some time when researching a particular subject,  (when I want to categorize it and add notes before saving).  The Helper Icon no longer appears on my Mac header when I am using safari or chrome.  In order to make it the Helper icon appear, I must now look for the Main Evernote icon in the dock and open my Evernote dashboard on top of the browser screen I am trying to clip.  This will magically restore the Mac Evernote clipper to the header, but I must minimize the Evernote screen (so I can see the page in the browser I wanted to clip).  I can then use the Helper clipper once,  but as soon as I click back to the browser, the header icon again disappears, and if I want to clip another screenshot into the note, I must repeat the process again.  Evernote is currently updated to version 7.4, and I believe the changes came after the update.  Will 7.5 fix the issue?  Thank you for in advance for any information or troubleshooting ideas..    UPDATE!  I tried turning off the settings to show Evernote helper, then turning them on again.  Now I cannot find the helper at all!

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New info.. it's gotten worse!
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I just chatted with an Evernote guy about this issue, very helpful.   Hope it will help you.   For Mac/Chrome:    he had me go to this site:     (the chrome web store for evernote)    https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/evernote-web-clipper/pioclpoplcdbaefihamjohnefbikjilc#          and see if it was downloaded from there.   It appeared to be, because of the message I saw, asking if I wanted to remove it from chrome.    after a few minutes, a pop up appeared saying that this extension was disabled in Chrome, and did I want to re-enable it.   I said yes, and voilà, it appeared again.   I have a sneaking feeling that I did this to myself, somehow....    don't know how to fix it on other browsers, but I imagine it's similar...   good luck...

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