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Accidentally deleted Tags

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Hello Evernote staff,


You have no idea how this program has changed my life and the way I work, I am a scientist dealing with lots of data and the way Evernote works with pictures, notes documents and tags has made my life 100x easier, I have gone paperless and I store everything on evernote now. The first problem I had was yesterday, I was working with a bunch of notes (selected together) and changing their tags, I accidentally deleted a tag I wanted to keep..and there was no way to resurrect it. I tried CTRL-z various times, but to no avail. I had retrive the notes manually and put back the tag on each one, and that took a lot of time. I think would be very useful to put a CTRL-Z option allowing you to go back through your evernote history so has to avoid accidental mistakes



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It's happened to me also, accidently deleting tags

As you found out the undo function is limited in recovering from such errors
For recovery, I rely on backups.  I have a weekly full backup and daily incremental backups.

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36 minutes ago, Umberto said:

How do you do an evernote backup ?? interesting

You can do this manually; just select notes, right-click, select export565126596_ScreenShot2018-08-23at11_14_16.png.683e5b55c205696f5a7c1fe02d8634a1.png

I've automated this with scripting to run each morning


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