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Sync between personal computer and android phone no longer works

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Dave-in-Decatur, thanks for your quick and helpful response.  The good news is that I followed Rich Tener's suggestion, and the sync function on my Windows desktop  XP program is working again.  The bad news is that one of my notes is that when I open one of my notes on my Android cell phone, I receive this message:" Note Edit error  Oops!  There is a system error.  We'll close Evernote now to resolve the problem.  If the issue persists, try restarting your device."  And here's what's frustrating.  The Note Edit error message is in the foreground and I can see that the note I'm trying to open is visible in the background, but I can't access it.  I have several other notes in Evernote, and when I open those on my cell phone, there's no problem.  The issue on the one note is persisting, even after I have restarted the device.

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First, glad the Windows program is working for you again! WRT the problem on Android, since it's just happening with one note, the best option might be to find the note in the Windows program (assuming all is well with it there), copy all its text, and paste it into a new note. Maybe even paste without formatting, if that wouldn't cause too many other problems. It's conceivable that some stray formatting problem is causing an issue on the Android device. If that doesn't work, possibly try the advice given by an Evernote employee in a thread in which numerous people reported getting such errors on anything they tried to do in Evernote Android:

Note that the solution mentioned there should be incorporated into the latest Android version (8.3, I believe), if (like me) you haven't updated to that yet.

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Hey, Dave-in-Decatur (or I should say GENIUS Dave-in-Decatur,  your workaround was successful.  I copied and pasted the text in the bad boy note and pasted it into a new note.  I was able to open that new note on my Android phone.  Thanks very much.

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On 8/23/2018 at 10:13 AM, Dave-in-Decatur said:

Which app? The Windows desktop program? If so, which version; and have you seen and followed this?


Thanks for the tip. I kept seeing suggestions online about updating "your app" but it's been such a long time since I had to manually check for updates on a Windows program that I was mentally stalling out about how one does it. Your simple graphic, even though it didn't show the process, jogged me into remembering it. I'll put it here for anyone else who finds this message later and doesn't know / remember how:

Have your Evernote for Windows program (app) up on the monitor screen.

Along the top of the window, you'll see the familiar windows option words: File ... Edit ... View ... Note ... Format ... Tools ..     Help

Choose "Help," which will bring up a dropdown list.

Choose "Check for Updates," then if there are updates, follow the instructions to install them. (Obviously, if you're on a computer administered by someone else, you may need assistance and/or permissions.)

Following that process let me update my Evernote, at which point I could try to Sync. It took me a couple of tries to remember what password my account had (and I couldn't figure out how to request reset), but eventually I got in and all is well. NOTE: In the process of looking for a way to reset password, I saw an email from Evernote, sent about two weeks ago, mentioning security issues they were seeing with older Evernote for Windows accounts, and they recommended updating. My guess is that may have some connection to why some of us suddenly were finding our PC account couldn't sync with our mobile devices.


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