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Visual indicator when a note is shared



I don't share a lot of notes, but by accident I discovered that if you copy a note's shared public link, there is no visible indicator on the note itself that the note is now public. The only cue to me was that in the context menu, the "Stop sharing link" option was now selectable, where it is grayed out for non-shared notes. Another Evernote user pointed out to me that you can get a list of all your shared notes with an advanced search operator ("sharedate:*"), but it seems like it would be simple enough to just have an icon or some other indication that a note is public and shared so that you don't have to proactively remember or search out notes that you may have forgotten (or not known) that you shared.

Here's what I mean. No indicator on the note header:


Only indication is the "stop sharing" option now available in the context menu:


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Good idea - I think a visual indicator is really important. 

I recently discovered (using the shareddate:* search query) that a whole bunch of my notes were publically shared and I didn't know about it. They were notes I did not intentionally share, and was pretty shocked to realise there were publically viewable. I might have discovered the issue sooner if there was some kind of visual indicator on the notes in question that they were being shared.

In the meantime, I have raised a ticket with EN Support to find out what bug or issue is causing the problem. One tag is common to all the shared notes, but since it's not possible to share at a tag level (and not all notes with the tag in question have been auto-shared) I don't know why it's occurring. Has anyone else experienced this?

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