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How to web clip from Email

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Hey guys,

First of all, I´m not earning money with the use of Evernote, it is completely personal so I don´t want to spend money in this situation.

I´ve been using Evernote for years and eventually, I realized it could be a good tool to save my bookmarks as I was using pocket but pocket is not searching into the website if you don´t pay premium. I don´t want to mix the bookmarks with my current account as I´m placing there all my notes and other things. Evernote cannot be cloned in Android. So how can I add articles into evernote without this app?

I´ve been looking for adding articles from email, is that possible?

I´m not sure if this is the right place to ask my questions, I hope so, if not, apologies.

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20 hours ago, BoomShakalaka said:

I´ve been looking for adding articles from email, is that possible?

I use Apple email on my Mac, and a script to copy the the email to Evernote450440890_ScreenShot2018-08-23at11_27_19.png.c133f1e78c2a1c7a92ffa9545a0f87ee.png

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What do you mean Evernote cannot be cloned in Android?  The only workaround I know off hand if windows client is option, is save email as file to import folder.  Not positive that's a Basic feature, would also need to keep eye on upload limits.  Unfortunately Plus was disbanded, I thought it was well worth the cost for exactly your use case, plus it increased upload limit and note size.

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@BoomShakalaka, I am not an android user.  I do use an app for my mail and CRM.  It is Called Cloze.  FYI, this is not an affiliate link.  I am like many here, a fan of Evernote and like to use products that work within my ecosystem.  The Cloze app allows me to save emails directly to EN.  I have found it to be a super helpful app, much like a baby Salesforce.  Yes, to utilize the Pro integration, there is a small charge, however, I would try the two-week free trial and see if this is something that might work for you.

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