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Using Evernote from Share sheet in authenticated app on iOS

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I like to use Evernote from my iPad to store articles I read and like from a paid sports news service, The Athletic. When using the share icon from within the Athletic app to save to Evernote, it looks really bad - unreadable in Evernote in fact. From some research, I think what is happening is that Evernote accesses the website directly and does not have my login information, so it cannot show the authenticated version of the website and grab the article correctly. Other apps that I save info from websites using Evernote/share, like Newsify, Safari, and Chrome are accessing non-authenticated web pages so Evernote can access the free url directly.

So - assuming my assumption is correct as to why the Evernote app saves such a garbled version of articles, is there a way to Share in Evernote where the URL page I wish to share is authenticated, and inside their app (in this case The Athletic app)?


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...or as a subscriber you should be able to send the page to your Evernote address by email (although in many cases this just sends a URL);  or you could maybe send a bookmark to Evernote and in both cases,  use the link to log back in and clip the full page from a desktop.  Or using a read-later site like Pocket may work better...  (App to Pocket,  Pocket to Evernote.)

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