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Side List View w/ 'Relevance' permanently enabled

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I recently updated to the v.7.4 of Evernote. I am running OS 10.13.6 on a 2017 Mac Book Pro.

I prefer seeing my notebook notes in the Side List view. Up until now, I only ever had the title field there. With the EN update, it now shows 'Relevance' - though relevant to what when I have nothing in the search field, I don't know - and there is NO OPTION to disable this field. This is driving me crazy, mostly because it takes up extra screen space unnecessarily.

Is this a bug? A 'feature'? I've tried adding additional fields and removing them, but the 'Relevance' stays.

(Note: I also have v7.4 of Evernote running on a 2010 iMac w/ OS 10.12.6, the same field showed up, with no option to remove, but when I added another field and then removed it, both it and the 'relevance' went away.)


Screenshot 2018-08-22 09.48.41.png

Screenshot 2018-08-22 09.52.25.png

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