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Bug: double notes

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in time of sharing attachments from Finder and send it to Evernote for Mac, they are created 2 notes. One with attachments and second with same name but only witch text (here 3 attachments):


I have to delete the second note manually. Should you repair it?

Thank's M. Fridrich


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Same here! Double notes in Evernote "Inbox" with Web Clipper and also if I send a file from Finder to Evernote.

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25 minutes ago, MCP75 said:

Hello Evernote??? No Support?

Hi.  We're a (mostly) user-supported forum.  Subscribers get email and chat support,  Basic users can post a query here to see if other users can help,  browse the help pages at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us and/ or contact Evernote on https://twitter.com/evernotehelps.

I'm not a Mac user,  so can't comment on the Finder issue - and it would help to know what device you're using,  what version of Evernote,  and which browser.

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I'm having the doubly-added notes using the Web Clipper since Evernote updated to v. 7.5 beta. I know this is a beta, but such an obvious bug should be quashed before even a beta release. Then again, Evernote has released gold master versions that have been shite. The app is getting goofier with each update. I can't even enumerate all the problems I'm having with god-awful renditions of clipped web pages. A lot of time they're useless.

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