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Problem: small available size for attachment...

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I created 2 new topics with 1 attachment (screenshot) in the last month. Today I wanted create new one and available size for attachment is 0.01 MB. Is it here some restriction on total size of attachments from 1 user?

I am very disappointed from support of Evernote. Many, many bugs in Evernote for Mac and slow response. And here in discussion board other absurd restrictions.

Do you have similar experience?

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Hi.  As a Premium subscriber you have a note size limit (for content and all attachments) of 200MB.  If your note is already very large,  then you may see the remaining space available being quoted as 0.01MB.  The usual work around is to split the note content into two or more notes.

The discussion board is not Evernote software,  but if you have problems using it we may be able to suggest work-arounds...

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In this time from Mac OSX with Firefox. Bandwith is OK. We have 1Gbps internet.

I tested from Win10(Firefox), iPad Pro iOS 11 Safari. It's some problem with my account on the discussion board, I think.

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