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How to locate reminders after the fact

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There may be no way to do this but I need to ask.

Let's say I set a reminder for a particular note that has several points on it. Several things to do or look up, for instance. I set the reminder and it tells me at the appointed time. I go to the note. I do the first thing on it, but in the process migrated way from the note to other notes that are part of the research. By the time I've opened a few and done several things I've forgotten which note I started with, the one with the reminder. There seems to be no way to find it.

Another problem is, the other day, I set reminders for three notes, all for the same time. I assumed there would be a tab or place labeled "reminders" and I could look at them at my leisure. But there isn't.

In both of these situations, is there a way to access the note that had the reminder? It may sound stupid to you that I can't recall the note. But I'm a mom with 5 kids and several projects going at once. So I really would like for there to be a "reminders" area or button I can use that will pull up all the notes I've put reminders on. Or is that just not an option?

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You didn't say which Evernote application you're using (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, web), which can be helpful.

On the Windows version of Evernote, you can use the "Go back in history" toolbar buttons (you might need to add them) or the Alt+ArrowLeft hotkey to go back in your note history, much like you would do in a web browser.

You can also easily locate reminder notes with dates associated with them using a search of "remindertime:*" This should work on any Evernote application.

There are other techniques that will probably come up...

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33 minutes ago, stoneagefamily said:

There seems to be no way to find it.

I use searches for my task list; for example    reminderOrder:* -reminderTime:day+1 -reminderDoneTime:*
I set a shortcut for easy access

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