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Evernote persistent crash when opening long notes

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Hello all,

I am experiencing a persistent crash when opening probably my longest note.  This doesn't seem to happen with shorter notes.  I've tried rebooting and updating, all to no avail.  The note opens fine on Evernote Web.  I'm currently running Android.

I would like to reinstall, but before I do, I need to export my notes for backup, which I can't seem to do on Evernote Web, despite following the instructions.  The option to export never comes up with a right-click. 

Please advise.  Many thanks and kind regards for your help and time.

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The Evernote export feature is only available on the Windows/Mac platforms.
The only cloud solution I've found is cloudHQ

If you're fully sync'd, the master version of your data is being maintained on the Evernote servers
You will not lose data by reinstalling the app on your device.

I've moved the discussion to the Android forum

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As DTLow mentioned, your notes are stored on Evernote's servers, so as long as your latest changes have synced you won't lose anything by reinstalling.  If that doesn't fix your issue, I'd recommend using Evernote Web to copy and paste the content from the problem note into a new note, then see if the new note still causes problems with the app. 

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