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Sync with BlackBerry Remember app down for two weeks?

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Did anything happen to the API recently that would prevent the Remember app in BlackBerry 10 from syncing? My Evernote for Windows client and Evernote Web haven't updated in two weeks, but I've kept updating my Evernote notes in the Remember app.

Interestingly, the official Evernote app for BlackBerry 10 still syncs even though support was discontinued a while back.


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I figured out that the authentication for my Evernote account had expired. I think that the Evernote integration in the Remember app from BlackBerry 10 still works.

Now that I've been updating the Evernote notes in my Remember app for a month without syncing, how concerned should I be about data loss when I reauthorize?

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If anyone else has this happen to them, make sure that you back up all your recent notes in the Evernote folder of the Remember app before reauthorizing. As in, copy and paste the contents of each note elsewhere. Once you reauthorize Evernote, everything in that folder will be replaced by the latest synced version of each note and all changes you made since the authentication expired will be disregarded. Nothing will be saved in the "Conflicting Changes" notebook either.

Anyway, the Evernote integration in the Remember app from BlackBerry 10 still works fine. It looks like nothing changed in te API.

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