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1 hour ago, VincentChen123 said:

Lack of this feature makes me feel EN editor is a toy, not a tool.

The Evernote is definitely a tool for editing notes.

You could look at word processing editor for "quote blocks".  I use them frequently.  I store the documents in a note as a file attachment.

fwiw  Evernote does support text indentation for a paragraph 

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Please post the style you're using with this tool.  

Quote Blocks are html code supported by the Evernote enml format  <blockquote><p>.....</p></blockquote>
There's also Markdown  > Quoted text. > > Quoted quote. > * Quoted > * List

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52 分钟前, DTLow说:

Please post the style you're using with this tool.  Quote Blocks are html code supported by the Evernote enml format.

Using EverTool, there are two ways to format quote blocks.

First, customize font. This would allow us to set background color and other font style of the paragraph.

Second, parse markdown. By applying this style, our plain text in Markdown syntax would be rendered into well formatted style.

Both of them can be done with keyboard shortcuts.

Now I prefer the first choice for it's more convenient for editing multiple paragraphs, though the latter is closer to what quote block should be.

The attached image shows the difference between these two styles. Hope this will help.


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Install EverTool and use its "to markdown" feature:

Type this before your block: "> " (No quotation marks, there is a white space)

Cut your text block

Choose "to markdown" in EverTool

Paste back to your content. Bingo!

I've tried this myself minutes ago, FYI.

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