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API Future...any plans for a REST API?

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Is there any hope of a modern, REST API coming to Evernote - even if it provides limited functionality relative to the full APIs?

It would dramatically ease the process of supporting Evernote in a consistent fashion across platforms.  It's becoming more and more difficult to support Evernote in my apps. The iOS SDK does not properly support being embedded in a extension friendly framework.  The Mac SDK is abandoned.  And on the whole I would rather not included any third party SDK to support basic capture functions.

I know there are some wrappers that have been written, but I'm not interested in passing data through additional servers to reach Evernote.

It seems it's table stakes for a tool focused on capture like Evernote to provide at least basic REST API endpoints to create new notes and do some basic queries for notebooks and existing notes so that it can easily be incorporated into a variety of workflow and automations without the heavy overhead of an SDK.

Thoughts? Finger-crossed we'll see something on this front in the near future.

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They've got lots on their plate, but without being able to give a direct quote, I'm pretty sure they're thinking about it.  Not sure how high to the top of the list it is at this point given Evernote is one of the most integrated apps with others out there.  The existing API definitely has issues, but it's more robust than most also.

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