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Critical data exposed regardless of security settings…

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Regardless of your security settings, be they passcode with digits, fingerprint, facial, or some combination thereof… upon launch before the locked screen is presented and you are asked for a fingerprint or password, you get a chance to peek at the screen last used. A screenshot can even be snuck in. Slower phones give you more time, this ( screenshot ) was taken on an iPhone 8 Plus, with fingerprint authentication enabled. 


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I've been trying to test the security issue on an iPad Pro with the  latest software version.
Most tests displayed the key entry screen without revealing data.

Is this a consistent error on your device?  Do you see any pattern.

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This was a known problem, at least for me , a year or two ago. Then it disappeared. It is now back on iOS 12 and latest couple of EN versions. Extremely bad security. As a former programmer, this should be an easy and consistent fix. Come on Evernote. 

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