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How to get rid of the 'Import Notes' notification



This may be a silly question. I recently discovered how to automatically update my notebooks from my hard-drive  by discovering the 'Import Folders' option. This has worked wonders.

However,  the Imported: notification  become a huge inconvenience during heavy workloads.

is there anyway to stop this notification from always appearing near the bottom of the screen whenever I do something? 

I can't find any option in the app that allows me to disable this. Thank you!

Import Bug.png

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On 8/18/2018 at 6:45 PM, JoeP92 said:

I can't find any option in the app that allows me to disable this

I couldn't locate anything in the options either. I tried unchecking the clipping notification but that did not work. 

This could get annoying like you said. You might want to post this feature request to the Windows Feature Request forum for people to vote up.

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