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(Archived) Can't open database file on networked drive

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My network is set up in such a way that "My Documents" is synced to the server, so that all of my personal files are available on every computer. This doesn't work very well with Evernote, since I get this error when I log in:

Can't open database "\\*network_path*\My Evernote Files\DataBases3\olijay.exb", error: CANT_UPDATE_NEXT_UID

This isn't a bug per se, but I'd like the option to change the path of the local database, that would surely circumvent this error. As it stands, I can't use the windows client at work :)

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Evernote does not work directly with the database files over the network, and I would not recommend trying to do this, as it is slow and unreliable, and you can easily damage your database file if the networking problem occurs during write operation.

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