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Give us back shading options on Mac desktop App



Apparently, Evernote ignores the custom in customers.

Please give us the ability to have better shading choices of the interface (left sidebar background color, notes column, and content column.)

We've dealt with this in the past years where Evernote made everything stark white, then after much complaining by users, they finally relented and gave us a tiny little choice of grey sidebar, off-white middle note column, then white note.

But once again, in the new version 7.4, they've taken away the subtleties and now it's black sidebar (as if rubbing our nose in it), full white notes column, and white content.  And even removed the lighter grey sidebar choice we previously had.  The full black/white contrast is hideous for many of us who use the computer all day, even in darker rooms and at night.  Give us options and give our eyes a break, please.

To get a clue, look at what Adobe has been incorporating into their software interface for years... understanding that people actually might use their app much of the day an trying not to burn a hole in the back of their retina.  Evernote?  Are your loyal, paying customers trusted and mature enough to allow them to have some color customization shading options?  Have I yet earned this with my loyal subscription of many, many years?

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