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Notes moved to trash after Sync Error

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I did a search for a specific note I had on the android app.  The note I needed came up and I selected it.  Within about 5 seconds I received and error message about syncing (I didn't screen shot the error).  After clearing the error the I searched for the note again.  It and many related notes were no longer there.  Later that day I did another search for a different note on the android app.  The note I was looking for came up and I selected it.  Again within about 5 seconds I received the same error message (I didn't screenshot this one either).  Again after clearing this error and searching for the note again, it and other related notes were no longer there.

When I returned home and pulled up my desktop version, I searched for those 2 notes and found that those notes and many others (~1400) had been moved into the trash, and the folders they were in had also been deleted.  When I went to restore the notes - they were no longer linked to the original folder but a different folder that was not deleted (the notes from that folder where not put in the trash).

Is there  a way to restore these notes to their original folders (not the folder they are now linked to) without doing it manually for every note?

I did not have a local backup of my database.


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This is a (mainly) user-supported forum completely separate from the Support team who are available on  https://twitter.com/evernotehelps.

I can't think of an error that would arbitrarily move a batch of notes into the Trash notebook,  and we can't analyse log files to work out what might have happened here.  There's obviously a lot of clean-up work to do to get your notes back into shape.  Moving them to the right notebook should be easy (on a desktop device) - just select all these notes and choose 'move'.  Any internal note links will have been broken however  you'd need to recreate those individually.  Any ULRs will still be the same.

Whilst you're on the desktop I'd recommend creating a local backup of your notes,  and keeping that up to date in case this happens again.  Support may be able to assist further,  but there's no official assistance for Basic accounts.  You could consider subscribing for a month or two while this gets sorted out...


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