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Setting the default save location to a local notebook instead of the cloud


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I'm on a Windows 10 PC using Evernote version

 don't know where I set it, but anything I clip now goes to the cloud and I have to sync to bring it local.  Can't it be set to store locally first and then if need be synced to the cloud?

I thought I found it once, but can't now...

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Hi.  Also on a Windows PC - I used to be able to save locally in Firefox,  but that behaviour changed some while ago (years,  rather than months...) and AFAIK every clip now saves to the cloud as standard.  I agree it's a nuisance,  particularly if you're saving different sections of a page into one note.  I clip,  sync,  open the new note and then copy paste into that note;  OR if I am short of time,  I'll change the note title in the clip dialogue,  or add a tag or a comment,  so I can find the notes generated from that page later and merge them into one.  Either way it's extra work for the user.

Don't know if clipper could be enhanced to allow multiple selections in one clip,  or offer that option to save locally - either way would be a feature request that I'd support...

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1 hour ago, AndreasM said:

Why it has to be a feature request, when at some point it has been an implemented feature?

Every browser except Firefox at one stage saved to cloud.  Firefox had gone through major changes.  Evernote may have been unable to continue to save locally - possibly for security reasons.  Browsers are increasingly cautious about what any application is are allowed to do on the local device in case it is adding malware...

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