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Encryption missing from Windows 10?

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1 minute ago, Aquineas said:

I'm running Evernote version (307474) and Encryption is not showing up in the context menu. What's the deal?

It is there. Try CTRL-Shift-X and see if that activates it. Could be a glitch in your menu, or you don't have edit rights to the note you are trying to encrypt (if it is shared with you for example). Or restart Evernote. Could also be a bit of weird formatting if it was clipped that is prevenitng Evernote from encrypting it.

But it is there.

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23 minutes ago, Aquineas said:

Does not seem to work for hyperlinks.

Just tested and it worked for me, if you are trying to encrypt the hyperlink text itself.  I think when you highlight the hyperlink and right click you get the hyperlink context menu, not the other, whatever one might call it.


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