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Two issues with note formatting

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I am an Evernote Basic user, so don't have the option to file a bug report. Just trying to report 2 issues which have either already been reported by me, or someone else, which make Evernote almost not usable to me. I used to use v6.5.4 all this while as it doesn't have either of these issues. But now with the security issue, I am forced to upgrade, so thought of reporting this on the user forum again.

Issue 1) Evernote removes blank newline from text.
Issue 2) Evernote garbles hyperlinks

I am attaching screenshots of the original text in notepad and how different versions of Evernote react to these issues.

Original text screenshot in Notepad
1) Text has got blank newlines
2) Text has got domain names separated by space


Version 6.5.4 - Last properly working version. Problem is this version is no longer allowed to sync.
Issue 1)  Issue NOT present.
Issue 2)  Issue NOT present.



Version 6.7.6 - Last "old" version, allowed to sync with hotfix. Both the issues present.
Issue 1) Issue present.
Issue 2) Issue present.



Version 6.14.3 - Latest beta, same issue with current stable. Issues 2 still present.
Issue 1) Issue NOT present.
Issue 2) Issue present.



I hope someone at Evernote takes notice and comes up with a fix.



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