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Questions and issues with the Evernote discussion forum itself

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1. The Evernote Discussion Forum Code of Conduct, item 10, says "Do not post hollow or useless replies, such as simply 'lol', ‘cool', 'first post', etc. Only post responses when you have something to contribute; otherwise use the ‘like’ button." One thing I often want to do is to give a "+1" or "I agree" reply to a poster, particularly a poster who has posted about a software bug that I am also experiencing. I want to do this to call more developers' attention to the bug. But when I click the 'like' button (which is just a heart symbol, no text; this is a UI problem in itself although I admit by now most of us know what it means) I don't get to 'like' until I choose one of four crazy icons, each of which have tooltips that say, respectively, Thanks, Haha, Confused, Sad. These words, combined with the whimsical appearance of the icons, don't at all convey my attitude toward the bug, which is one of frustration mostly. So, none comes close to me posting a +1, or making a post that repeats in my own words the other poster's bug report. It would be great of the 'like' button could come close to my reason for liking.

2. I was composing a post in a thread, and when I dragged and dropped an image into my post in progress, it did not appear. Adding an image by dragging and dropping has worked in the past. I tried it repeatedly and nothing. Then I noticed the Insert Other Media dropdown, and selected Insert existing attachment. That worked, but a large box appeared at the bottom of my post, showing me the media I had inserted in large icon format, and there were two of the attachments. Also there were two of the actual images in my post. So, adding an image to my post was a mess, filled with unexpected results. Then I tried to delete the extra one, by selecting one of the large icons, or right clicking on one of the large attachment icons for options, or moving the cursor to the right location in the post body, and then using the delete or backspace key as if it was text. Nothing worked. How does one delete an image, once it's added to a post?

3. I wanted to see my own past activity on the forum. I found two ways to do this,  but they don't work the same. (i) Up in the top heading there's a row with Forum, My Activity Streams, Community Resources. Under My Activity Streams, I chose Content I Posted In. That gives me the several recent threads I posted in. But it does not go back far enough. A thread I started and posted in from Feb 2017 is missing. Thinking I might be able to modify the search parameters, I tried the Create New Stream option. But I can't change anything in the resulting dialog. There are a bunch of radio buttons, but clicking on any of them scrolls the page to the top and changes nothing. (ii) On the other hand, if I go to the dropdown under my username in the upper right corner, select Profile, I see a list of activity below, which goes all the way back to 2015. Problem solved. But why is the My Activity Streams thing broken, both in not going back as far as my Profile, and not allowing me to customize it, as the UI hints is possible?

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25 minutes ago, Radiophile said:

So, none comes close to me posting a +1

My preference is to use the like buttons.  Also, Feature Requests have vote buttons in the upper left corner of the discussion.

The +1 posts serve no additional purpose and clutter the forums.

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Hi.  And wow.  You have a lot of questions and issues.  The first thing I should point out is that the forum software isn't in-house to Evernote.  We're hosted here by Invision,  who seem to have some expertise in all this stuff.  It's a -mainly- user supported forum, with some of us longer-term Evernote users coming up with standard answers and possible work-arounds to common issues.  From time to time we'll also try to manage people's expectations when (forinstance) it's suggested that Evernote buy out Dropbox for some reason.

Evernote staffers keep the place running,  and read the posts - we're told - to get feedback on issues affecting users.  Developers will also weigh in from time to time on a technical issue.  The one thing that Evernote doesn't (usually) do is give a definitive answer to "are you working on / will you consider ?" questions for all sorts of corporate reasons.

1) There are two styles of post here - the commentary,  and the votable thread.  This is a commentary.  There are no 'scores' apart from a written +1 in your text.  The votable threads have an overall score - in theory the higher the better,  but some high scores have been around for a while with no obvious development kicking in.  They also have a per-reply score where you can reward or punish an individual poster.  Please don't do that.  The thread defaults to showing posts by score instead of by date and confuses the heck out of everyone.

The best way to get a bug fixed (IMHO) is to report it to Evernote.  Even Basic users get a Twitter contact,  and the more reports Evernote get,  the more likely they are to see a pattern.  They may even get back to you for more details of you issue to help work out a fix.  The more reports the better.  +1 reports here may make the poster feel better,  but they don't add to Evernote's knowledge,  or put any pressure on them that I'm aware of.

2) Composing a post here on a desktop,  you'll see a shaded area which says 'drag files here to attach'.  This does exactly what it says on the page.  Images can be added to posts wherever you like and in whatever order.

3) Agreed - search sucks.  We usually live with it...  (You'll find a Google search actually works better....and returns forum posts.)

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