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Where can I discuss the Evernote discussion forum itself?

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I'm having a very difficult time, just maneuvering about forum. With mobile users being 75-80% of typical users now, a mobile site should work. 

I came here to praise Evernote Premium. Hopefully, to help start what will be a huge company. #1 suggestion, Evernote for businesses.

I'll post 2 feature requests here, because I can't get around site.

1) Make the checkmark when exit change colors, if edits have been made. Like in coding editors.

2) Make Evernote work with clipboard features that handles more than one paste option.

I recommend EN to all my writer & biz friends. Such a great product!

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On 8/14/2018 at 10:34 AM, Radiophile said:

I have several questions and comments about this forum in general. I can't post in the Community Announcements. Right here, Evernote General Discussions, seems to be the least-bad place to post. Have I missed a better place?

This is "General" discussions, so I would think you should be able to comment about the forum as well, since it will be Evernote related. Go for it I say!

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I am unable to create a new discussion so posting my question here. Everytime i create a message and try to send, it says my email address cannot receive msgs. Tried different email addresses also.
So, here's what I wanna say. No doubt Evernote stands out from the crowd of other note taking apps and I rely on it for various activities on a daily basis. I am using a free version as of now and would want to go for paid basis some issues are sorted. Recently, I noticed that when i copy paste text from any website, the texts pasted include unwanted spaces. For example, a sentence if copied and pasted will be broken to several different lines and will br pasted in a veetical line instead as a paragraph. Seems like some sort HTML format issue. Tried remove formatting etc but didn't work. Plz help.
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5 hours ago, gazumped said:

Because the posts are 6-7 years old and Evernote has changed multiple times over that period...?

I understand that would be a reason to check if it should be archived, but the issue wasn't taken care of and here's a new discussion about this in 2019.


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Seems we're discussing the Forum administration rather than an Evernote issue,  but when you found the original wouldn't accept your post,  you could have started a new thread by describing your specific issue,  posted a feature request of your own,  or if you could find another post or request (as clearly you did) you could post a follow-up there. 

Feature requests are voting threads (see the count and arrow at the top left of the other thread) where other users with the same issue can add their support and (hopefully) boost the priority for Evernote developers to look into the situation.  That thread now has 1 (one) vote after 6 months,  which doesn't seem to indicate a major issue,  even though this restriction apparently has existed (in some operating systems?) for a long time.

I haven't ever noticed any issues.  My typos (if any) don't seem to cause me problems - and I think it depends on whether you're using Evernote Web / Windows / Mac / iOS / Android as to how much of an glitch this is.  In some apps typing the first line of the note will populate the title line anyway,  and that is subject to spellcheck.

If you have some specific issues with Evernote can I suggest that you post the details in separate threads relevant to the operating system(s) you use and we can try to help with those? 

Decisions about archiving threads are made by the Forum Admins or possibly by some existing rules that will close a thread after a year or two without new traffic,  and not by contributors here,  who are mostly just users like you and me.


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