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(Archived) Feature Request - Integrate Shared Notebooks

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Hello Evernote Guru's!

I'd like to make a request for a future feature...

When someone shares a notebook with me, I would like it to show up in my list of notebooks inside of my evernote account on all of my devices; MacBook iPhone and iPad.

Here are a few uses for it:

- Easy collaboration of items in the notebook between my colleagues and I.

- A shared notebook of important family documents between my wife and I, that we can both contribute to.

- Share a notebook with my accountant for taxes and receipts.

The current sharing of a book, while good, doesn't integrate the notebook into my evernote program. It's not "top of mind".

Thank you!

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ditto the title of this thread. absolutely no reason to register without ability to view the shared notebook in the other client app. unless the web view options were better. currently 1/3 of the screen when viewing a note is this lousy header info that takes up too much space. no view options... at least thats better in the desktop.

any way to notify everyone when this happens? i bet you'd get a windfall of new registrations for the premium!!!

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