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Keyboard shortcut for "Increase List Level"?

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I am stumped.  How do you increase and decrease the list level using the keyboard?   This is also know as indenting the list.   The menu shows the icons fro the shortcut.   But I can't get it to indent using various keyboard combination.  Thanks in advance.



Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 10.39.08 AM.png

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Hi guys,

I'm wondering if there's a keyboard shortcut for increasing list level when NOT using the bulleted/numbered list?

I could go to format>list>increase list level by mouse; but when I highlight the text then press tab, the text would simply gone...

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Hi guys, so i've just found the answer. So i'm answering this myself haha!

For those who would like to know:

"Increase List Level" is actually Command + Shift + ]

"Decrease List Level" is actually Command + Shift + [

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