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Scott Reading



When I go into a notebook and I have a long list of notes, it would be great to press the letter 'S' on my keyboard to take me straight to the notes that start with an 'S'. At the moment, I have to scroll down through all the notes (and there are lots).

Kind regards


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Hi.  Or have a saved search intitle:S* ? -To be fair that'll give you all words with titles including words starting with "s",  and including " 's" but if you know anything more about the title a second letter or more will do the job.  Alternatively a text expander could give you a one-keystoke way to generate "intitle:" and then you can add your own user input to search.

Workarounds I know,  but they work now rather than wait for a possible upgrade...

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This gets confusing in that your notes may be in title or date sequence.

In IOS title sequence we have an a-z index next to the scroll bar.
In date sequence, we have a date navigator thingy.

I'm ok with just dragging the scrollbar to the approximate location.

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In addition to all the usual tools, I also uses text tags at the beginning of the title using a single character and an underscore, so that if I enter this search:


I get all notes that begin with S_,  (the tag will work from anywhere in the note, but the result will display more neatly if located at the beginning of the title)

I don't necessarily recommend tagging and sorting all notes alphabetically this way (too much work) only the "meaningful" ones.  For me S_ stands for "Someday/maybe" projects in the GTD method.

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