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6.5.4 works--Now have to upgrade

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6.5.4 works. Has eyeball icon to view photos and text is WYSIWYG on clip.   Clipping on recent versions are boxed with a scroll line (vertically) to see all data.  How is this productive ?  

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Reposting this to answer everyone's questions. Evernote Team blocked Evernote versions older than 6.7.6 due to a security flaw they found. They are refusing to create patches for older versions. I'm pissed because the newer versions beyond 6.5.4 have wide GIANT ASS margins on the sides. My employees use small monitors mounted to the wall, and I have spacing constraints. The margins reserved for tables make no sense. The devs could have made a floating table toolbar instead.

Anyways. They state that they are only supporting 6.7.6 and higher due to this security flaw. However, the patch they released for 6.7.6 is broken. So, you'll have to upgrade to 6.8.7. When they fix 6.7.6, then you can jump to that. Link to 6.8.7->> https://filehippo.com/download_evernote/80354/

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