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I brought this up before; but now I have a problem with note content overwritten, and really need support.  However, I have the following situation:

Evernote Windows ( -> Help & Learning --> web --> says I need to log in --> log in --> Says I'm logged out --> log in --> Web Client --> Help & Learning --> says I need to log in --> click Send Us Email --> Says I'm logged out

I've tried various permutations including clicking on the red text for "Improved Experience" to no avail; same infinite loop

What I'm hoping is someone from EN sees this and can reach out to me, as I'm seeing an old bug where notes are being overwritten with content of other notes; but in the past they could be recovered w/history; today this is not the case and therefore I'm losing content.20180809_EN_support_issue.thumb.jpg.a1bccd7e3df3f8d4b2fa84271a3ef3fb.jpg





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Hi.  There's something on the Discussion home page about this -

Issues accessing Evernote Support Channels


Shane D.

By Shane D.


Hi All,

We've seen a few reports from users where they are automatically booted/logged out when trying to open support ticket, open a chat, or successfully login to the Help & Learning Center.

If you're one of these users, please reach out to Shane D. directly via DM so we can iron out the issue, and get you up and going.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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